Each item is hand-sewn with a saddle stitch - distinctive of hand-sewn, it has a slight diagonal slant that no machine can imitate.

     Saddle Stitch

C. Dulce is full service. The products on our site can be made down to any detail you can imagine, thread color, leather color, exotic leather, size, logo placement, or edge coat color.

Any other luxury handbag or wallet maker allow the same freedom? Well that is "Bespoke" service, a step beyond 'custom made', 'made to order', or 'made to measure'. 

If you have ever ordered a custom item, you may not know that you are going thru a middle man. Your measurements or specifications are taken and sent to a factory to be assembled. 

The factory worker doesn't get paid to ask the probing questions. Here is a case in point. A gentleman emailed and asked about a having a brown vertical messenger bag made. The first question back to him was, how tall are you? Then came a slew of others all the way down to the model laptop he carried so we could take heating and cooling into account. Does it have to be that detailed? No...but, it can be.

We want to take your gripes with off the shelf bags and show you the unknown world beyond that.

Beethoven once remarked, paraphrasing, "It's not enough to know your craft, you need to know all of its secrets too." Clearly this isn't music but leather craft, especially by hand, is a symphony all on its own. And, C. Dulce knows leather's secrets.