The saddle-stitch cannot be recreated by machine. It is the epitome of craftsmanship and is noticeable by is slight diagonal hitch. 
The stitches never appear to touch as they do with machine stitching.

Waxed linen thread is the unsung hero of our products. It provides a durable weather aned moisture resistant stitch and aesthetics.

An awl prepares the hole and two needles passing thru in opposite directions complete the stitch.

We can source any color of leather to meet your tastes or create a one-off palette for your fashion needs.


We mix and color match our edge coat by hand with up to (8) coats for maximum effectiveness and longevity. Our edge coating is both UV resistant and chip resistant.

In this world of competition, we have to be better than what industry has conditioned us is luxury. Things that are not, like micro suede fabric and other lesser sustained materials. C. Dulce gives you the best component of each part of your design.


You luxury or name brand hand bag was most likely made in a factory. And, most factories produce tens of thousands of bags with machines and those bags are all alike. Can you ask them for a different color leather, hardware, longer or shorter straps? 

  • Unique and sewn by hand
  • Can be bespoke to minor details
  • One-off customization
  • Exotic materials available


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