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If you are unfamiliar with hand sewn leather goods, then know that the very premise is on purity of the art form. A saddle stitch is created by one piece of thread with a leather needle on each end passing thru the same hole in a leather seam. The result is the slight diagonal cant in the stitch. When you appreciate it, it really does become a thing of beauty. 

No machine can recreate it. And, it gives your item soul. Someone behind the needles was thinking about you - how you'll use and interact with this leather, its style and how you'll hold it, place your credit cards or cell phone and give it character. Mass production cannot do that for you so for C. Dulce...challenge accepted.

One Off...

There are endless combinations of colors we accommodate for our products. A lot of our items become one off and totally unique. You shouldn't have to worry about its care or longevity. Lifetime warranty, conditioned and water resistant treated. 

"I absolutely love my custom-made backpack purse. It's hard for me to find luxurious, high quality purses in my favorite color...Pink. It was easy to order, the prices were extremely reasonable for all that leather. I have other brand name purses and this C. Dulce purse surpasses them in all aspects, especially with the  attention to detail. Great customer service as well. Thanks again for my first all leather purse that I got to help design!"

C. Hogan

My wife absolutely loves the handcrafted Python embossed Jasmine handbag. I have always been against buying expensive purses and handbags that only serve one purpose but the C. Dulce handbags have proven to be more that just unique great looking bags, they are durable, functional & made with the upmost quality. I've purchased 3 so far for my wife, sister & mother.

C. Alleyne

I have a hobo bag and love the size and details, like the contrasting suede lining. It allows me to carry so much without looking weighted down, and matches most of my wardrobe. It is a durable design and I carry it daily.

Erin M.